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My Resume

Important Note: Contents of this page is under revision / renewal.


Dear Visitor,


I always look for new opportunities to utilize my Public Relation, Human Resources and Administration skills in any reputed organization.


Presently I am working in Al Jubaill, KSA.


I am planning to settle back in Kerala, or somewhere in south India.


Should you have any opening which is suitable for my profile, please do feel free to contact me online.  Focusing on my personal growth & career development, I prefer the reputation & profile of the organization than the Salary & Packages.


I prefer Administration Job.


Welcome to My Resume page...



HR - Administration Manager / Facility Manager/  P R Officer / Logistic Controller




I started my career working as a Sales Assistant when I was studying for Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at the age of 20 in 1994.  As I love reading, I loved my job also.


I always wondered how the people lived other side of the world.  I read books.  I traveled as far as I could.  Then I chose Sociology as a main subject for my Post Graduation.  As I found it is easy to get a job for a student like me, I never met financial difficulties during my studies.  I worked as customer service assistant, office assistant, cashier and even as a tourist guide during those period until I chose Front Office Management as a full time job after the completion of my college life in 1998.


Now, after years I understand that I chose this profession as an opportunity to meet people from all over the world; and I really loved each and every moment of my job where I got chance to work with reputed hotels in different cities in India and abroad.




In April 1999, I started to work as a Front Office Staff in one of the reputed hospitals in Central Kerala.  Within few months from the tenure at this hospital, I understood that I have a lot of things to do or I can do a lot of other things than just helping the patients / bystanders from the counter.


I came out of the counter.  Began to mingle with the patient & bystanders.  Began to help HR & Administration department in preparing recruitment, employees’ filing etc.  Then I began to realize what is my exact career is.


I got transferred from Front office to back office.  My world became, employees’ data, salary, leave, perks etc…  I worked the hospital until I got a chance to visit Dubai in May 2002.  Dubai… it completely changed my life & career profile after…

                                                                    To be continued...



    Multi – Task & Skill Oriented

  Multi – Lingual

    Self Confidence & Positive Attitude

     Computer Savvy

    Problem Analytical  & Solution

  Attention to Detail


     Verbal & Written Communication Skills

    Reliability        Pragmatic


         KAEFER Saudi Arabiais the KSA branch of renowned KAEFER Germany; world's largest Insulation company.  Its complete insulation solutions make the environment, life, work and production safer and more comfortable. Inside and out – all over the world. That’s KAEFER Saudi Arabia.(Please visit: to find more more about KAEFER)


         INMAA Group of Companies, Republic of Djibouti, is a Dubai based largest Industrial Manufacturing & Construction Company in Djibouti.  The largest Drinking water company and the first & largest Poultry and Egg layer farm in the Djibouti belong to this group of companies. (Please visit: for more details and other activities of this Group in Djibouti)


         LOOTAH Group of Companies, Dubai – UAE, is Dubai based company mainly deals in manufacturing & construction sector. It operates Bitumen & Road construction department, Alpha Drinking Water Company and LOOTECH (one of the prestigious IT solution companies in UAE).  Its activities are extended to all over UAE, Tanzania, Syria & Djibouti also. (please visit: for more details)


         DIAMOND LEGAL SERVICE & Translation, Dubai – UAE,  is one of the largest Legal Service, Translation & Interpretation provider in UAE (


         RAK THERM, Ras Al Khaimah – UAE, is a Saudi based company who mainly deals with Thermo Plastic related materials (


         EMBASSY SUITES HOTELS, Dubai – UAE, was Oman based Hotel Group in Dubai.  It has closed its operations in Dubai.


         CENTRAL Hospital & CT Scan Center, Kerala – India, is a 350 bedded multi-specialty hospital in Central Kerala.


         IRIDIUM – TECHNOPARK, Trivandrum, Kerala – India,


         HOTEL MALABAR TOWER, Kerala – India.


         The small & medium establishments I worked Part-time during my collage studies are not indicated here since they mainly helped my financial needs rather than career development.






















v         MA  Sociology        University of Madras    1998

v         BA  English Literature      University of Calicut     1996

v         Arabic & Islamic Studies    Markaz Shari’a College (1993) 

v         Typing skill English (60+ wpm) and Arabic (35+ wpm)



?      Holder of  Driving License  from Dubai (2004) SAUDI (2011)

?      H.R & Business Administration Training from Dubai (2008)

?      Power of Positive Thinking’ by Shiv Khera, India (2004)

?      Executive Secretarial Training from Dubai  (2003)

?      Medical Transcription Training  (2002)

?      Black Belt in Karate International BUDOKAN (1999)

?      Front Office Management Training  (1998)



       Working with different types of computer systems from the year 1996, and it has been an inevitable part of my official & Personal life from then.

       Well conversant with all MS Office Packages, especially MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook Express.

       Very familiar with all internet utilities, research, search & find of suppliers and materials, website concepts, online file store & transfer etc...

       Web designing, Graphic designing & Movie editing are some of my favorite recreational activities.  

       Familiar with other secondary gadgets related to computers like CCTV, Projectors & other digital medias etc.

       Easily catch any type of new software related to my field of experience








I read, write, speak & type all these languages.  I can read and write Kannada, Telugu & RUSSIAN also; but not used for last one year. I have started learning French after I reached Djibouti. Cultural & Linguistic difference of human being around the world has always made me enthusiastic to learn more about it.

Some of My Responsibilities as an Administration Executive are:


o   Very familiar and up to date knowledge of Immigration, Labor department and Ministry of Health process. Coordinate regularly with departments like, Municipalities and Ministry of health etc... also.


o   As a Public Relation Officer, Very Familiar in dealing with Chamber of Commerce, Economic & Industrial Ministries, and Trade Licensing department of Government.  (New, Renew, & Amendment of Trade License, Chamber of Commerce License, Ministry of Industrial Licese etc..)


o   Control of Passports, Residence & Employment Visas, Work Permit, Health Cards, Health Insurance etc… of the employees.


o   Preparing Offer Letters, Internal and External Contracts, updating and maintaining of employee’s file etc…


o   Salary administration by assisting Payroll department, interpretation of personnel policies, employee-labor relations functions to meet company’s objectives etc…


o   Controlling of employees leave, replacement, leave salary, leave encashment, travel & ticket arrangement etc…


o   Provide assistance and maximum support in the administration of organization’s human resources management policies and procedures.


o   Recommend any improvements to staffing level or distribution, internal office policies and procedures, Distribution of Circulars, and the provision of administrative services to Division Managers within the firm.


o   Provide individual assistance and on-the-job training in office procedures and computer applications to new administrative staffs and explain the firm’s policies and procedures.


o   Building strong relationships with local labor distributors, training centers, online recruitment agencies, educational institutions, and learning & development suppliers etc…


o   Be a part in developing policies, compensation, incentives, commissions and bonus schemes or any vital decision of the company.


o   Key role in recruitment service such as study the requirement of manpower, job posting, sourcing, interview, placement etc...


o   Termination and Resignation of employees, preparation of Final Settlement and compensation, reporting to labor office upon conflicts etc…


o   Reporting to General Managers, Managing Directors, and Chairman


Some of My Responsibilities as an Executive Secretary were:


  • Collate information and Maintain databases


  • Prepare and manage correspondence, reports, documents etc…


  • Handle incoming mail and other material, Set up and maintain filing systems.


  • Implement and maintain office systems; Maintain schedules and calendars.


  • Organize and coordinate meetings, presentations, conferences, travel arrangements, external & internal events etc… of Chairman, Managing Director or General Manager.


  • Take down, type and distribute minutes of meetings.


  • Coordinate the flow of information both internally and externally.


  • Provide assistance and support to the administration department upon the firm’s management policies and procedures.


  • Operate office equipment and Manage office space


  • Reporting to General Managers, Managing Directors, and Chairman


Why Should I be preferred?

*     I believe in “working smart” rather than “working hard” (when we work smart, never get tired!), and believe that sitting an extra hour can reduce most of the working pressure in any organization.

*     I love my jobs. I look for new tasks. My way of work and dedication were easily noticed by my superiors and promoted with more responsibilities within a short period. (I consider this as the best achievement throughout my career). I like Challenges.

*     I have been a participant in ‘steering committee’, ‘interview board’, ‘welfare & recreation club’, ‘website & brochure design team’ and Legal Department of the organizations I worked with.

*     My problem analytical and solving skills reduce the stress of administration department.    I act as a mediator between management and employees.

*     I am a good listener, Quick & Fast in learning new things, and easily adaptable to new environments. My attention to details extends to English grammar, spelling, punctuation and very keen in numeric & Accounts details.


Dear visitor,


A brief resume consists 3 pages in MS Word format is available upon request.  Please feel free to write below any comment or enquiry related to the contents of this page.


Personal details and other extra curricular activities details are available in the other pages of this site. Please have a look in to it.


I really value your comments.




M. Sadique

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