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Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi
Father of the Nation - India

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Do something for the peace of our OWN WORLD

King Abdullah Al Saud
King of Saudi Arabia

Desclaimer: This site is built and modified myself to share  what I learn, read & understqnd and  interacting purpose with my friends and relatives.  The articles published in this site are collected from the books I studied or read and from sites I visit.  Most of the pictures shown in this site are my personal shots. Graphics and layouts are my works. But they are published without the consent of the person(s) who are featured.  So, any disagreement with any article or picture you may notice and inform me will be removed without hesitation.


As an answer to many of the visitors of this site, I have to say only one thing: Rome was not built in A Day


M. Sadique





The elephant and the sparrow were great friends. But the elephant always felt sad that he was not able to fly like his friend sparrow. So one day he asked sparrow to teach him how to fly. The sparrow agreed and led him to a cliff.


Pulling out a feather she said: "Hold this feather tight in your mouth and flap your ears and jump down this cliff and you will fly."


The elephant belived her words, held the feather in his mouth and flapped his ears and behold he began to fly.  He flew over the villages, the rivers and cities and returned to his friend very happy and told her: " Your feather is very powerful. Can I have this feather because I want use it whenever I want to fly."


The sparrow said: "It’s not my feather. It's a hair from your tail. You only need to believe in your ability to fly. Believe in yourself and you will do miracles!"


There is something common in all achievers and that is self-confidence. It gives them courage to take greater risks and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Self-confidence extends their reach and makes them do miracles.


Self-confidence is our attitude which gives us a positive and realistic views about ourselves. It helps us to trust our abilities and believe that we can achieve what we dream.


Self-confident  people have realistic expectations of themselves and others. Even if some of these expectations are not met they remain positive, ac